Monday, January 28, 2008

Obama, Obama, Obama

"It is time now for Barack Obama"

Early Monday morning, Senator Edward Kennedy officially handed over his support to Presidential Candidate Barack Obama as he warned Americans to "reject the counsels of doubt and calculations" that surround the Presidential Candidate, for "it is time for a new generation of leadership." The move to support Obama carries a great deal of importance, as a huge population of Americans still exist today who lust for a period remotely related to that of the Kennedy Era, characterized by a unified country with a "common purpose." Throughout the 20-minute address, Senator Kennedy praised Obama for his outstanding leadership and devotion to key issues, as well as his unique ability to "transcend" the boundaries of race. He also noted that Obama has opposed the war from the beginning, a statement that Hilary Clinton and other Presidential Candidates seem to fiercely reject as "just false," pointing to moments of ambiguity in Obama's campaign.

The competitive nature of the campaign to win the Democratic Nomination erupts on Super Tuesday (Feb. 5th), when the greatest number of states hold primary elections to select delegates to the national conventions. It seems clear that the Democratic nominee for President will be between Senator Barack Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton, but the question undoubtedly surfaces when considering each one's candidacy; is the Democratic party doomed for destruction? Are they setting themselves up for failure by promoting the nominations of a woman and an African American? Is the country even ready for a female or black President?

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